LANGJ@mail.syntron.com LANGJ at mail.syntron.com
Fri Feb 24 11:39:45 PST 1995


      >  Motorola Inc.
      >  RISC Microprocessor Division
      >  Subj: help on pavillion bag

      >    I'm trying to come up with a method to bundle
      >  and transport my pavillion. Either a bag or a
      >  plastic box might do.

      >  The folded pavillion is about two by three by
      >  four feet in size. (Next time, I make the walls
      >  removeable). None of the duffle bags that I've
      >  seen at Academy are big enough. And they may
      >  not be durable enough, either.

      May I recommend that you check out some of the dive shops around town
	 (or Lake Travis).  There are several types of duffel bags sold
	 that are quite durable, and constructed of a mesh that will
	 breath, and minimize mildew.


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