help on pavillion bag

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Fri Feb 24 11:27:50 PST 1995

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Subj: help on pavillion bag

  I'm trying to come up with a method to bundle
and transport my pavillion. Either a bag or a
plastic box might do.

The folded pavillion is about two by three by
four feet in size. (Next time, I make the walls
removeable). None of the duffle bags that I've
seen at Academy are big enough. And they may
not be durable enough, either.

None of the plastic boxes or footlockers that
I've seen have been big enough, either.

I would like something to contain this bundle.
Otherwise, it just kind of spreads out. It
would be nice to be able to protect it in
storage as well as in transit. 

Any ideas? What do you all use?

Stefan li Rous       Mark S. Harris
Bryn Gwlad           Austin, markh at

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