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Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 28 14:58:53 PST 1995

> This list is patently not an SCA activity. It is related, but can hardly
> beconsidered to be within the pale of the society any more than drinking
> beer with  friends who might be members, or dating someone who might
> be a member. This is a form of social activity SEPERATE from the
> society.

  This is 100% correct. The only problem is that you still have to,
  atleast in public, be as civil as you would to other SCA members. The
  reason for this is that this is atleast an activity ABOUT the SCA.
  This means that some of the politeness rules follow, but not the
  whole of the Society.

> You are correct this is not usenet, it is however much closer to usenet than
> it is to a formal business meeting or a high court.

  Unfortunately, the checks and balances for this list have not been
  hammered out. This takes a long time of existance, as well as growing
  pains as the list comes into existance. You can not expect instantly
  everyone to conform to your views.

> In fact the only reason
> I did not actively advocate the creation of a regional newsgroup instead
> of the list was that doesn't fit well into the regional lists.

  My only reason for not creating a regional newsgroup is the lack of
  ease of making a multi-regional list. They do exist in areas as small
  as New England area, but Texas and Oklahoma have not created a cross
  culture yet. (Not sure if they will even.) This means that there would
  be a tx.org.sca and a ok.org.sca. This would cause great confusion due
  to messages not being posted to both.

  I have thought of putting a mail-to-news remailer in to put this list
  into news, for ease of KILL files, and the like. This has not been
  through through enough due to the multi-region problems.
> The email you refered to was clearly not "unprovoked" it was a response to
> a publicly demonstrated behaivior. It was done in an approriate setting in
> a relatively mild tone.

  If it was done in a mild tone or not could be completely point of
  view. Not all people are use to such harsh messages as you are known
  to put out in private. I have to admit that I have only seen these in

>> "Flaming" people, like beating them up physically, is an ability, not a right.
>> On this list, we don't think it should be done with impunity. 
> Awfully liberal with the use of that we arn't ya son? I think flaming is an
> art and a tool, I am not alone in this.

  I have to admit that I have quite frustrated with the liberal use of
  the word "we" especially in reference to this list. There have only
  been a few voices heard, and thus these people are generally opinioned
  one way or another.

  Flaming is definaly an art and tool. In the wrong hands, and used in
  the wrong way, people can get hurt. Especially people's feelings.


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