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Sat Feb 25 20:31:02 PST 1995

S >Could you give us an address to send our input to?  An Internet add
S >prefered, but that would help us.
S >

Sorry, I was doing multiple messages that night and got mixed up, I
thought I had included an E-mail address.  You can reach me on the
internet at Sir.galen.k at   Also, Baron Aodhan should soon be
posting to this list all of the information necessary to access his BBS
where he has set up discussion areas for the GC, and where he files copies
of the GC Digest for anyone to read.  I check his board regularly,
especially the GC discussion areas, which he set up expressly for people
to discuss GC business with me.  Also, my snail mail address is Galen W.
Bevel, 9922 Kirkwren, Houston, Tx.  77089  for anyone you know who may
want toreach me but doesn't have net access.  And, of course, I will be
keeping an eye on this mailing list as well.
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