abusive e-mail from Litch

Mon Feb 27 15:28:39 PST 1995

I really hate to do this, but I don't feel like I have much alternative.

If anyone reading this should ever in the future receive unsolicited e-mail
from Michael Litchfield that makes use of profane language and/or is unduly
hostile, offensive or insulting in its tone or language, please contact me.

I know that I have received such e-mail, and so have others.  I am curious to
know if he just picks on the nobility (in which case I can take it; I've just
oiled my "delete" key) or if others also suffer his abuse.  If anyone has
suffered such abuse in the past, please don't let it affect you.  The SCA is a
game in which we should be safe from such hostility.  Unfortunately, our best
is all we can do.

The notes I received claimed to be defending people from having to fear that I
might tease their imperfect use of language as I teased my excellent good
friend Mordraut.  I found his technique to be most curious.

A sample follows.  It is not pleasant, even after I have deleted the

>Good Evening and welcome to the real <deleted> world, perhaps in 
>your happy little shell you know such small minded people that they 
>never come up with concepts which challenge the ability of the 
>english language to cover, but many of the rest of us do. This is 
>neither a high school grammer class nor a formal academic 
>discussion and in such cases such words are perfectly acceptable.


To which I responded, explaining that I was teasing a friend, and that he
shouldn't send such messages.  I received:

>I could care less what you have to say to mordraut you pompous goon, I am
>more concerned that you petulant posturing will discourage participation
>in the list because people are afraid thier writing skills may not be
>suitable for your rarfied tastes. I imagine you enjoy a forum in which 
>yours is the only voice heard but I don't. Get off your <misspelled 
>expletive deleted> high horse and pretend like the rest of the people might 
>possibly be humans and not the insignifigant grubs your attitude expresses.


It is my opinion that no one in the SCA should be subject to such discourteous
treatment; not even us pompous goons.

- Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, CDB, etc.
  formerly Kingdom Seneschal and a bunch of other stuff
  ptm2792 at utarlg.uta.edu

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