Thank you Viscount Galen!

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Mon Feb 27 17:37:06 PST 1995

Thank you Galen!!!

I myself have received rude e-mail from Litch.  When I replied to an 
announcement that feast reservations should be sent for Queen's, I didn't 
not realize that they went to the mailer.  I received a message from Litch 
saying that "this was rude and ignorant."  I had a house full of guest who 
were on those reservations who were also outraged.  When I sent an apology, 
I was told to "be thankful for such helpful instruction" and to "stop" my 

I e-mailed Pug on this matter hoping that since he was the owner that he 
would do something about it.  He said that Litch was Litch and that nothing 
could be done.  I have stop opening any mail with Litch's name on it and 
will not respond to him.  I feel that we should come together on this.  He 
does not own this mailer and there are by far more of us using it than him!  
Why should the minority make it unpleasant for the majority?

I would like to add that Viscount Galin has never written anything that 
offended me and I could tell that his message was in jest as I assume most 
of us did. 

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