Rude and Ignorant

Tuley, Phil etchman at
Tue Feb 28 12:33:00 PST 1995


Who is and isn't rude??!!?? Sheesh!!! Look, if someone emails you, it's 
private, keep it that way. If someone does something you don't like on the 
list, let the moderator know and let HIM/HER contact the "offending" party. 
As to doing a SERVICE by informing someone of a faux pas, it ain't your job, 
and if you decide that it is, you better damn well do it nicely, or you end 
up looking and being "rude" by your own social ineptness.

Relax! Calm down, and develop a little tolerance. There's enough intolerance 
in the world already to go around, don't add it here, please!

Aleksandr Ivanovich Budishchev

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