Gulf Wars IV

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Tue Feb 28 13:56:31 PST 1995

		 The Kingdom of Meridies Presents
                              Gulf Wars IV
		March 16, 17, 18, & 19, 1996  a.s.XXIX

	     The Original Gulf Wars site at King's Arrow Ranch,
	     Lumberton, Mississippi - The Kingdom of Meridies

Activies will include: Open Field Battles; Siege Battle upon the Real
Wooden Forts; 2 lists; Equestrian Activities; Arts and Sciences
Competition; Period Games Competition; Belly Dancing Competition;
Drumming Competition; Award for Best Period Encampment; Ax, Knife and
Archery Competition; Bardic Competition; Children's Activities; Dance
Classes and Classes of all kings. Guild gatherings will be scheduled if

o  All Fighters must have proper authorization. No Card/No Fight/No Exception!
o  Site is Discreetly Dry! Sorry No Pets!
o  Unlimited tenting space is available.
o  Motel nearest Site: Hillsdale/Georgetown Resort Inn (601) 796-3423.

Total Event Price: Until February 22nd, 1995 - Tenting Only
With proof of membership         Non-member price      Children under 12
       $15.00                         $20.00           1/2 price. Under 5 Free
After February 22nd, 1995 and at Door (for weekend)  Please make your check
       $18.00                         $23.00         payable to "The Shire of
					        Wrymgeist, SCA. Inc."
Send Proof of Membership                     Send a Self address stamped
No Feast included.                           postcard for reservation number.

Merchants are welcome, but must pre-reserve & send your $15.00 merchant
fee along with registration to Lady Renee.
For full Merchant Registration Information: Merchant Site Registration &
Merchant Packet, Contact the Merchantcrat.

Notice!!! Volunteers from All Three Kingdoms are needed for Security,
Troll, Marshaling, Running Competitions, Parking, Chirurgeoning, Water
Bearing, Heralding, Children's Activites and more.
              Security Volunteers, contact Ld. Malcom.
	     Other Volunteers, contact the Autocrat.

Autocrat                                 Reservations
Count Sir Francois Duvont                Lady Renee Dubois
mka: Scott Simoneaux                     mka: Mona Simoneaux
5865 Glenwood Dr.                        5865 Glenwood Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806                    Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(504) 926-4328                           (504) 926-4328

Merchantcrat                             Security
Ld. Jean Pierre Duquesne                 Lord Malcom McAdaim
mka: David Duquenne                      mka: Wayne McAdams
(504) 753-1353                           3030 July St. Apt 128
                                         Baton Rouge, LA 70808
				     (504) 334-0191

         Please no calls after 10:00 pm CST. Thank you.
     Brought to you by the peaceful folk of Shire Wrymgeist.

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