R. Michael Litchfield litch
Tue Feb 28 15:13:08 PST 1995

>  Even though this is a computer list, it has the Kingdom of Ansteorra's name
> attached to it.

Hmm and if I make a list with the Fedral Reserve's Name attached to it do I
get to regulate the prime?

> This organization has always upheld the tenets of honor,
> courtesy and chivalry.

When it is convienient to them. Otherwise the society throws them in the
wastebasket and tramples forward.

> "flaming" (which yes, i have experienced on other
> newsgroups on the net) is not appropriate here.

This is clearly not correct. Flaming is as approriate here as the population
of this newsgroup shooses to allow it to be.

> That is not a behaviour that is condoned within the context of the SCA.

This is NOT the SCA. Go back and reread that. This is a computer mailing
list, it happens to be related to the society but it is clearly not a
PART of it.

> So, if you want to keep the
> mailing list going, change the name to something non-SCA and flame away.
>  Otherwise, you may find yourselves very lonely--no one in the SCA will
> tolerate this kind of behavior!!

The name of the mailing list is ansteorra at That is non-sca.

> To put it in a  slightly different context:  you are dealing with a different
> culture than most of you experience on the net.

No, YOU are dealing with a different culture than what you encounter in the
SCA. Expecting it to meet your values is exceedingly arrogant.

> standards of behavior.  And I will not tolerate that disgusting behavior
> again!!!!!!!!!  And if it means confronting Litch at an event again, I will
> do it!!!!!!!

Will your husband + friends threaten to beat me up again? Will they use thier

> Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o Chonnemara, OL

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