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Lady Einin Ciarnait little_dragon_0861 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 19:05:13 PST 2006

Are we missing something, or is the SCa in general being targeted for theft lately?
  This is the 2nd or 3rd time in the last couple of years that Baronial Regailia has been stolen under similar circumstances.
  for those who may not remember, the Barony of Dun Or's Regalia was stolen in the same way, although instead of the house being broken into ( thank goodness, as Baroness Theresa is not in the best of health) the Baronial Trailer was stolen and ripped open.
  This came over the Kingdom of the Outlands List earlier this evening, 
forward the information to SCA related lists if you feel they can help.



Our neighbors, Their Excellencies of the Barony of Loch Salann of the 
Kingdom of Artimesia had their Baronies regalia taken from their home 
between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6AM on the night of 2/27/06.  
Excellencies of Loch Salann's garage and vehicles were broken into and 
following items where stolen from their home.

The Loch Salann baronial coronets.
The Loch Salann baronial scepter
The new award medailions for Loch Salann
HE Ulrich's chain of estate
HE Rachel's plaque belt
Other assorted jewelry
Some daggers

Please watch for these items on E-bay and in your local pawnshops and 
report to any of the above listed Artemisian Peers if you happen to 
that any of these items are being made available. They are, in order of 
address listing, HG Sean, Sir Timmor, Mistress Tianna and Her Highness 

You can get their contact information on the Kingdom of Artemesia 

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