RE: [Ansteorra] Siege authorization atMiguel's house

Pug Bainter pug at
Sat Mar 4 06:38:50 PST 2006

> I know this is last minute but the idea did not come to mind until last
> night. I will be conducting a siege authorization at Miguel's house this
> morning at 11:00. I'll be hanging out there until about 3:00 pm. If you
> need/want your Siege authorization hint, hint contact me at 979-557-1837
> after 9:30 am for details or to make arangements. If you plan on
> attending you will need your Armor, current authorization card, siege
> handbook, your engine if you own one, and common sense. NOTE: this is
> for Siege Weapons only I am not qualified to authorize people for
> Armored Combat yet.

Excuse me, but you can't do this. Any of these authorizations will be null and

His Grace Patrick Michael has been quite clear that backyard authorizations
are not allowed and I am violent agreement with him. Authorizations must be at
official events (which official practices are) where the activity is supposed
to take place. I've had several problems similar to this come up within combat
archery in the last week so this is not a unique problem but it can sometimes
be solved.

As example, the Northern Region has a regional practice this weekend where
they are doing different maneuvers and authorizations and even found a method
to do combat authorizations within the rules despite the original site not
allowing it.

I'm sorry that people failed to plan ahead. The fact that people needed to get
authorized before war has been well known. The people to contact have been on
the marshal's webpage. I have little to no sympathy for people who waited this
long before taking care of it.

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Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
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