[Ansteorra] The video tribute to the SCA: I must have that song!

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Lyrics sheet here:


(Note that I could not retrieve the mp3 from the first link og provided...)

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> According to her site the title is March of Cambreadth.  I found it 
> available here: 
> http://www.emp3world.com/mp3/43470/Heather%20Alexander/March%20Of%20Cambreadth. 
> It's a free download.  Or you can get the CD from the artist's site Here: 
> http://www.heatherlands.com/seafire/pages/frames.html?http%3A//www.heatherlands.com/seafire/pages/shopping.html.
> Enjoy,
> og
> At 02:42 AM 3/5/2006, you wrote:
>>I must have an MP3 of that song! A quick Google search of some lyrics
>>(specifically "how many of them can we make die?") reveals the song is
>>"Flesh Against The Thorn" by Heather Alexander. Does anyone have a 
>>copy of that song? I must have it!!
>>-- Alexander Bailey
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>>(happy orc)
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