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> Good Mistress Aethelyan
> Thank you for your words.  I cannot contact the publisher as I only have a 
> xerox of the story from what I believe is a collection of stories 
> (anthology?).  I don't know how to contact his wife, but will Google SFWA 
> and see how far I can get.
> In Service
> HL Francesca

Are you referring to the story "Richard the Lionhearted is Alive and Well in 
California"?  If so it was originally published in Amra No. 50 in 1969. 
Copyright is held by the Terminus,Owlswick, & Ft. Mudge Electrick St. 
Railway Gazette.  The story was reprinted in  1979 in "The Blade of Conan" 
edited by L. Sprague De Camp. That book was published by Ace Books.

In service,

Giles deMontfort 

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