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Duchess Cateau and Duchess Julia 
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Duchess Conal O'Riordan and Baroness Stella Silvana 
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>Greetings Ansteorra! 
> I'm hoping the good gentles of this fair kingdom can lend me some impute. 
>I"m currently the chronicler of our local newsletter and as many chroniclers 
>can attest, am finding it difficult to procure interesting articles to >print. 
>Our group is going to base our fall event on a "Women of History" type theme. 
>These were powerful women who affected their local region and perhaps the 
>world as well. With this in mind, I thought it might be interesting to do a 
>series of informal interviews with the "Women of Ansteorra." This would >introduce 
>our group members to the "movers & shakers" of our kingdom and perhaps help 
>give them a bit of insight on how these particular Ladies help shape our game. 
>My first series would concentrate on those ladies that embody all that is 
>good and "right" in our Medieval world. These are the Ladies we look up >to and 
>admire...noble of bearing, beauteous, gracious, kind and generous. 
>Everything we think a lady should be. Try to think of a lady that you >would be proud 
>to represent our kingdom regardless of were she goes. I personally can think 
>of a couple right off the top of my head but would love to get impute from 
>Thanks for your help. 
>Chronicler of shire of Brad Leah 
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