[Ansteorra] Hark, the Herald Phoenix Sings

kclement at verizon.net kclement at verizon.net
Wed Mar 1 12:03:12 PST 2006


well, maybe not that last one.

Calling all Heralds, past, present, and future!

This is Lord Gregor Elfingstone, Baronial Herald of Raven's Fort, humbling 
requesting assistance from all field and list heralds for our upcoming 
Festival of the Phoenix on May 5-7.

We'll have rapier lists as well as chivalric, and there's also always a need 
for the heralding of announcements, news, and program changes.

I especially invite anyone who's ever thought about trying heraldry to step up 
and join the fun.  Even if you don't know what a herald is, let alone the 
difference between a list and field herald, you can get your feet wet with the 
great heralds of Ansteorra!  There'll be plenty of expert instruction on hand, 
so if you have a voice that can be heard across a crowded room and you've 
always wanted an excuse to yell at strangers, drop me a line or just come see 
me at the event.  

I'll be the guy yelling at strangers.

So, give me your boisterous, your energetic, your enthusiastic masses yearning 
to be loud!
I hope to see you there.

In service,

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