[Ansteorra] The video tribute to the SCA

Susan damaris1 at ev1.net
Sat Mar 4 05:10:00 PST 2006

Lady Einin Ciarnait wrote:

 >You have got to watch this video tribute to the SCA, it is fantastic:)
 >   Hadassah
 >MCothren <alyxthemia at earthlink.net> wrote:
 >   Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 03:20:17 -0800
 >From: MCothren <alyxthemia at earthlink.net>
 >Subject: [CAID] FW: Tribute to the SCA video

 >Have your sound on. The song is cool!
 >Pause the video until the whole thing has loaded because it
 >takes a while to load and it plays faster than it loads.

Love the music.  Imagine my surprise, when in the middle of the video, 
up pops a picture of none other than our own Mistress Gunnvor that was 
taken more than a few years ago when she was fighting in a tournament.  
Someone said Miguel and Conal were in this video as well. I didn't see 
them but the resolution was poor and a lot of the photos were blurry.

Damaris of Greenhill

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