[Ansteorra] It'll be a Bard's day/night

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Sat Mar 4 13:22:49 PST 2006

Greetings unto the Populace!

'Tis I, Lord Gregor Elfingstone, current Ravenskald for Their Excellencies of 
Raven's Fort.

I invite one and all, every man, woman, and child to Storytelling at The 
Festival of the Phoenix!

Their will be a Bardic competition at our fair Festival, hosted by yours 
truly.  This is not a contest for Bardic Champion (that's in September), but 
is for bragging rights, public acclaim, and FABULOUS PRIZES!!!!

The Competition will be in Three rounds, subject to change as needed (we ARE 
SCAdians, after all):

First round will be Bard's Choice.  Competitors may begin with any piece of 
their choice, either a personal or crowd favorite, or their best work.

Second round will be The Humor Part of the Show.  Competitors will do a piece 
that is funny, comical, ironic or contains a good pun or two (or three, 
or...).  In keeping with this theme, I was trying to come up with a good pun 
title for the round, but there are no clear winners yet (although "Don't 
aJester Set" and "Laughter is the Best Medici" are still under consideration).

The Third and Final Round (yes, it supposed to be capitalized like that) will 
be held (tentatively) during feast, before the head table and the populace.  
Since we are celebrating the Festival of the Phoenix, this piece will have a 
specific theme, that of Rebirth, Redemption, Second Chances, and/or 
Reconciliation.  Because I like bad irony, only the top three to five 
performers will make it to the Third and Final Round. 

Now, I know I've said "storytelling" at the start of the rules, but that's 
just my habit.  The Bard's performance can be poems, songs, or music.  Just 
because I can't carry a tune, even with the help of a sherpa, doesn't mean 
others have that problem. 
Period pieces aren't required, but they will certainly impress the heck out of 
those of us who have an irrational fear that books will try to eat us if we 
approach too closely.


Bardic Competition is great and all, but performance for the love of 
performing is really the heart of bards everywhere.

I therefore invite all bards to take part in Children's Storytime.  
Lady Mary of Axefoot, the Minister of Children for Raven's Fort (i.e. Rugrat 
Wrangler), has asked for entertainment for her gathering of scaled-down 
SCAdians and offered her pint-sized charges as an audience for any and all 

Remember, this is a volunteer activity that is separate from the Bardic 
Competition, so anyone can stop by to entertain the kiddies.  I'm planning to 
be there, I hope to see all of you.  Remember, a good bard should be able to 
entertain at all levels of our society, from laughing child to drunken 
reveler.  So, dust off those kids stories and join us.
If there are any questions, contact me or Mary 
(mary.rogers0897 at sbcglobal.net).


If there are any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask, 
whether it be about the Bardic Competition, Children's Storytime, the event, 
the stock market, treated lumber, mozzarella pie, your personal life, 
whatever.  I may not have a good answer, but as Ravenskald, I'm always here to 
listen (you never know what will make a good story one day).



.....no, i guess that's it.

carry on.

In Service,

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