[Ansteorra] Thank you for those who stayed home but contributed to Gulf Wars

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Sat Mar 11 09:32:47 PST 2006

Greetings Ansteorra,

As we pack to begin our journey to Gulf Wars,, I wanted to take a moment to 
thank those who cannot go but worked hard on behalf of the kingdom anyway.  

3 weeks ago, at the northern regional fighter practice hosted by Brad Leah, 
Baroness Adria and her crew of Eldern Hills,did a bake sale and donation for, I 
believe, the children's actives.  The small group of fighters and gentles 
were very appreciative of the delicious goodies and soon the Baroness reached her 
monetary goal,, then surpassed it.  The northern folk are well known for 
their open hearts and generous souls,,,her Excellency is a fine example of that,, 
she graciously donated the extra money raise to go to any volunteer group at 
Gulf Wars that needed help, regardless of kingdom,.. whether it be for the 
children's activities, water bearers, chirurgeons et.  She just wanted it to go 
were it would help out the most.  I'm honored she trusted me to disperse these 
funds to as needed.

Vivat to Her Excellency and her crew!!  With fine gentles like 
these,,supporting our kingdom on the home front, how can we not be successful in our 

Countess Octavia de Verdon


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