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Sean Gulick sean at utig.ig.utexas.edu
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Final counts below...Gideon
>> What I know:
>> ** Heavy Weapons
>> Town Battle:  Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> Bridge Battle: Meridies/Gleann Abhann
>> Ravine Battle: Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> Open Field: Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> Fort Battle:  Ansteorra/Trimaris (Less than 5 Minutes)
>> Champions List: Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> Archers Only Battle: Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> ** Rapier Combat
>> Ravine: Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> Open Field: Meridies/Gleann Abhann
>> Champions List: Ansteorra/Trimaris
>> A&S: Ansteorra/Trimaris
> Equestrian - Meridies/Gleann Abhann

> Live Weapons - This one went to Meridies/Gleann Abhann

> Target Archery - Meridies/Gleann Abhann
> Volunteering - Ansteorra/Trimaris (in particular Ansteorra was  
> mentioned during Great Court)

Also of note:
King's Battle Ribbon (to a single chilvaric melee unit) presented to  
Moonshadowe and North Keep
Queen's Battle Ribbon (to a region of the kingdom for rapier)  
presented to Southern Region
Ansteoriflamme (to a region of the kingdom for chivalric) presented  
to Southern Region

Gulf 16-20 will be Meridies/Gleann Abhann hosting with Ansteorra and  
Trimaris as Principles since that proved to be the preference of all  
kingdoms involved.

Great War!

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