[Ansteorra] Gulf War word fame - Royal Cuffs and Gloves

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 21:57:12 PST 2006


Several embroiders in the Kingdom of Ansteorra gathered together to create a
simple yet very important set of tokens to be given by our Crown to the
attending Crowns at Gulf Wars.

Their Majesties Glenn Abhann requested that the traditional gift giving be
suspended this year due to many artisans losing absolutely everything to not
only Katrina but to Rita as well.

In this light our good Crown decided on a single token to bestow that was
both personal and small.

The results were 12 silk embroidered Kingdom Arms on linen cuffs. 9 of which
were distributed at the event. 2 will be mailed to the Crowns that sent
troops but were unable to attend themselves. The last one will be sent to
Glenn Abhann as their crown has a very unique sized hand and will require a
wearable glove that is usable for him. :)

Mistress Dyan du Lac Calendre
Baroness Isabeau Quiquandon
HL Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio
Aubelsbeth the Quiet

Aubelsbeth the Quiet (Middleford)

Baroness Isabeau Quiquandon (StarGate)

Mistress Kalida Aristana (Steppes)

HL Ciard O'Seachnasaigh (Steppes)

HL Aeruin Mc Coniker (Bryn Gwlad)

Mistress Dyan du Lac Calendre (Rosenfeld)

Lady Prudence the Curious (Elfsea)

Gleann Abhann/Meridies:
Mistress Rhiannon ferch Cian (Rosenfeld)

Aubelsbeth the Quiet (Middleford)

HL Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio (Steppes)

Lady Hanna von Dahl (Elfsea)

Moral Support and research:
HL Esther of Ennis Merth
Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca

The work these ladies did is beyond beauty. Each Crown that received them
were very impressed and very touched by the gift. One crown had already made
plans to ask about the pair our King road in the procession with bearing the
arms of Ansteorra and Trimaris. They were overwhelmed to find out they had
one of their own as well.

Please take a moment to view their work and thank them. We are very much in
their debt. :)

HL Chiara Francesca
TRM Ansteorra Head of Entourage

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