[Ansteorra] Gulf War thanks

Virginia Gatling ginlee at cnbcom.net
Wed Mar 22 09:04:49 PST 2006

Greetings to all from Countess Regina,

Gulf War was great! We had a fabulous time! Ansteorra can sure make herself known! I am busy cleaning up from the war and packing things to ready ourselves for the next war.There are several people I want to thank for making the war better for me ( I hope I don't leave anyone out).There are many new stories and tales to come. 

Thanks to TRM's Mahdi and Valeria (I wish you could have been there). I had fun being part of your Bouquet of Roses. Thanks to Countess Tessa and Duchess Larissa for giving me support, insight and making me feel welcomed into the group.
Now, the fighters who fought for me in the Rose Rapier and Heavy lists: Don Conor and Cadet Reis (sp. send me e-mail with full name and correct spelling please) both of you did a great job! Centurian Liam Gordon made a spectacular display in the Heavy list. Thanks to you all!

Thanks to Sir Randall der Krieger for allowing us to muster and fight with his unit. I have many stories of fighting now! Also the youth boffer unit was called der Kriegers and three on the team were my grandkids  (they won first place).

Thanks go to Mistress Ginevra Rodney for presenting me with this fabulous Rose's cape...It made me feel special..:-) Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Thanks to all of the following without these I would not have been able to do so many things during the day.
Wolfgar and Alisandra (sp) Great camping with you! Thanks for the use of the airbed! How many silver feathers did you guys get?
Joseph of Greywood Thanks for all your hard work and keeping me on time.(He makes a good Lord in Waiting);-) You get new garb!
Keira Gunnvorsdottir Thanks for working in kitchen and making it possible for me to leave camp and play on Wed.& Thurs. and other help as well.
Fridur Harolds for helping in kitchen and being there.
Many thanks to Jessica and Zach for their help. Jessica how many silver feathers did you receive?
Thanks to all the Grandkids for their help.
Thanks to Orric for his work esp. in helping get firewood along with Micheau and others and fixing the strap on my shield.

There are more to thank but I want to give all my love and Thanks to Micheau de Sevinge (my husband) for making it possible for us to go to war and for all his help and support and running errands for me and others and also keeping my armor in repair.

Thanks to Duke Miguel and Duchess Conal for letting us camp with Steppes.

Last Thanks go to Mooneschadowe the best neighbors to have at war!!! I had a place to send all my leftovers. I'll be happy to camp near you guys anytime. I'll have to cook for you one day soon.

We have pictures but I'm not sure how to post them.

Thanks to all,
Countess Regina 

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