[Ansteorra] A new and completely different A&S Competition!

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Thu Mar 23 08:54:34 PST 2006

Buenos Dias!

Get your thinking caps out!  The time has come for something new and completely different in the A&S community! The Canton of Linedenwood will be hosting Lindenwood's Believe It or Not and Whack-a-Thon on June 10th in Irving, Texas!

The competition format for the A&s competition will be a mystery piece competition!

But, what is a "mystery piece", you ask??! Have you ever been doing research, came across something and asked yourself, "What the heck is that???"  You find out what it is and tell youself, "Oh! That would be cool to make and enter into a compeition!"  Well, here's your chance to make a "what the heck is that thing?" item.

The rules for the competition are as follows:

1.) The object must have been a practical item in general use in the old world after 200 AD and before 1600 AD.

2.)  The use of the object, as reconstructed, must not be immediately obvious to the casual observer.

3.) The object, as reconstructed, should not be so ornamented as to obscure its intended purpose.

4.) The entrant should be able document the object and demonstrate its use.

5.) The use of the object must be within the bounds of good taste and decorum.

Pieces will be laid on the table with a "guess" sheet next to the entry for our guests to guess what your piece will be for fun.  Please, do not make a display that would give your piece away.  

After the judges, decide upon a winner, the entrants will be allowed to tell us and/or show us what this piece is.

Yours in Service,

Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca
Autocrat for Lindenwood's Believe It or Not and Whack-a-Thon

Rules found on Stephan's Florilegium (http://www.florilegium.org)
Permission to reprint "A New Art/Sci. Category: A Whimsical Proposal" from Lord Daniel Raoul Le Vascon du Navarre', Kingdom of Trimaris

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