[Ansteorra] Financial Forms Class

Celeste Shelton teacherceleste at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 18:17:44 PST 2006


I am pleased to announce that due to the gracious hospitality of the 
populous of Glaslyn, I am going to be offering the financial forms portion 
of the exchequer's class at Defender of the Flame, April 8th.  The class 
will be at 11am in the hall.  If you are an exchequer, want to be an 
exchequer, or help an exchequer fill out the monthly, quarterly and EOY 
reports, you need this class.  If you are a financial committee member or 
just want to know how our Kingdom Financial Policy works, the portion of the 
class you need will be offered at Coronation, Elfsea and Bordermarch 

In order to make sure that I have enough handouts, if you are planning to 
attend this class, please contact me at teacherceleste at hotmail.com.

Yours in Service,

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