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David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Fri Mar 31 08:18:11 PST 2006

Of course, I could only be talking about Smythkepe (my own personal modesty prevents me from referreing to myself in the same manner).  Presented here for your perusal and approval is the latest class update for Cracked Anvil:

* You have a name and device, Now What?  Lord Saran Mac Imair will discuss how
to create an expanded personna.  Develop yourself into a true Lord or Lady
of the Middle Ages.
* THL Moira nic Bryn will focus on the common beliefs and superstitions held
about some common herbs in Europe during, and slightly before the Middle
Ages. In addition to parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, the herbs discussed
will likely be familiar to both the kitchen and the medicinal herbologist.
* For those wanting to spruce up their garb, Lady Morin ingen Ruaric will introduce cross
stitch with simple patterns and ideas.
* In How Simple Can You Get?", Lady Morin will provide instructions on
Simples, basic herbal uses and how they are made.
* THLady Gwyneth Carr will be teaching a class on Autocratting a Kingdom Level
Event.   This class will cover everything you need to know about being the
Autocrat of a Kingdom level event, start to finish.  Includes tips and
tricks on finding a good site, budgeting, filling out the bid form,
staffing, working with Kingdom officers, etc.
* Lady Karis Ap Appleyard will show the steps to making a beautiful sweet
Subtlety to impress your guests at your next feast or entertainment.
Subtleties are food presented in an ornamental way to create memorable
interest for a gathering.
* HE Elizabeta af Isefjord will be teaching a class on Beginning Tablet
Weaving.  You are welcome to come observe, if you would like to try your
hand at it, please bring the following:   
-- 1) 2 colors of crochet cotton, pearl cotton or thin yarn (string that
doesn't stick to itself is better) and 
-- 2) an inkle loom OR 2 mid-sized C-clamps and a 1"x 4"  piece of wood 
A  moderate number of cards will be available for $5/25 and some shuttles
are available.
This class will introduce you to the basic terminology, notation and process
of tablet weaving.  Some patterns and a list of further sources will also be
* What your personna would know about Islam will be taught by Lady Amina. al Fustat This is a great class to prepare you for the Middle Eastern Event coming up
in May - Aphar Faire. 
* Scrolls and More Scrolls.  Do you have ideas for creating original scrolls
for the Kingdom, but are afraid you'll mix a 9th century script with 14
century illumination?  Lady Signy is giving a comprehensive class on 13th
century calligraphy and she will demonstrate an appropriate illumination
style to go with it.  
* It's Spring and that means rain.  THLady Anne Renarde will teach Nine Man
Morris, a board game that everyone can enjoy to while away the hours of bad
* Wanting to get in to Heavy Combat but can't afford to buy a helm?  A limited
number of blanks will be available for you to dish your own helm.  Sheik
Rashid is providing the equipment to dish at the event and will be available
to demonstrate and give hints for fitting and finishing the helm.  These
will then be welded together by a member of Smythkepe,  then all you have to do is add face bars.   

Doesn't this sound like fun? Not only do can you visit a classy Shire, but can take a class as well. Just think how smart you'll be! You can't get much smarter without staying at a Holiday Inn Express ;)

If you don't want to attend any classes, the come for the A&S competitions: Best Original Illumination of a Kingdom Scroll, Brewing contest for the best Ale, Cordial or Mead,  General Catagory A&S (documention recommened but NOT required).

Plus, the Smythkepe Herb Guild presents "Anything Grows" : Herbs in any Medium, to be judged by the general populace.

You want fighting? We've got fighting! For the Heavy Weapons Fighters we offer the Swiss Five Tourney.  For the Rapier Fighters, we offer the Smythkepe Defender Tourney and The Wheel of Death!

Something new this year is the Smythkepe Triathlon: earn points for your team simply by entering any of the competitions (combat or A&S) being held at Cracked Anvil.  Earn more points by winning a competiton. Details can be found on our website: http://www.smythkepe.org/cracked/triathlon.htm .

At the end of the day, we invite you to stay for  a sumptuous feast prepared by Lord Geoffrey de Bostone featuring such delacasies as : beef meatballs in cheese sauce, French Onion soup, french bread stuffed with seasoned beef and cheese, herb balls and much more!

After feast, relax a while and enjoy two Smythkepe traditons: Tigger Heraldry and Plague Frog (BYOMG). 

All this and merchants, too!  Why for so much fun and knowledge, you could expect to pay hundreds of dollars! BUT, through this special offer you can take advantage of all our offerings for a mere $12 including feast. Children can take advantage of all this for the mere pittance of $6 !  Feast space is limited to 100 people so reserve your space today! Operators are standing by!!!  If you decide to forego feast,  it's only $6 for Adults and $3 for Children... and we'll give you directions to the closest A&W ;)

Where is all this happening? Why, none other than the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Ozark, Arkansas... easily accessible from United Shires Route 64 and minutes away from Interkingdom Route 40!

This event is NOT to be missed and will NOT be repeated! I repeat: this event will NOT be repeated!

More information can be found on our website: www.smythkepe.org , then click on the "Cracked" button.

The Shire of Smythkepe is honored to welcome Their Royal Majesties of Gleann Abhann Graf Sir Tar Radu & Bann-Iarla Broinnfhionn inghean uí Chatháin .

That's Cracked Anvil. April 8th in Smythkepe.

Be here! Aloha!

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