[Northkeep] Principality poll numbers from Northkeep and Rundel

Sigen3 at aol.com Sigen3 at aol.com
Sun May 6 19:06:52 PDT 2001

Greetings all, and apologies for the lateness of the results.

The following are the results of the re-polling of Northkeep's populace on
the principality issue.  This re-polling was due to the loss, by the USPS, of
our packet of forms.  Also included, but listed separately, are the results
from our Canton, whose packet was also lost in the mail.

Northkeep had a total of 53 votes:

Question #1.  Should the Northern Region begin the process to become a
Sovereign Principality?
                50 YES          2  NO       1 NO RESPONSE

Question #2.  Regardless of the Sovereign Principality question should the
Northern Region Petition the  Crown to become a Crown Principality?
                42 YES          9  NO       2 NO RESPONSE

Question #3.  Regardless of the Principality question, would you like to have
a name and device for the Northern Region?
                51 YES          2  NO

Question #4.  Are you a member of the SCA Inc.?
                37 YES          16 NO

The Canton of Rundel had 12 votes:

Question #1 12 YES

Question #2 12 YES

Question #3 12 YES

Question #4.    11 YES          1 NO

We hope that these votes will be taken into consideration in the principality
issue.  There were no duplications in this poll.  Copies will be given to
Master Burke to be kept with the original ballots.

We remain in service,
Thorgrim and Sigen Northkeep

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