[Northkeep] More Late Feast stuff!!!!!

LdyCalais at aol.com LdyCalais at aol.com
Wed May 9 10:01:26 PDT 2001

  This to the children of the Barony and their Keepers (uh... Parents) I
would like to meet with those of you, who can make it, at fighter practice
this evening.  The kids need to help decide on what items they would like to
work on, what things they are going to compete in, who they can work,
productively, with etc.  I will be at the park at 7:30 menu items will be
assigned first come first served and according to level of difficulty.  So
come out if you can, if you cannot, since this IS last minute, we won't hit
you to hard. :-)
                                                                 In Service,
Elisabeth de Calais

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