[Northkeep] Me see you have boom-boom stick...Bye-Bye

LucanSilverwolf at aol.com LucanSilverwolf at aol.com
Fri May 11 11:20:23 PDT 2001

    In the 1400 it really isn't some much the weapons that changed as it was
the armor ( at least to my own understanding).  However gunpowder ws
introduced but more for bombards, mortars, cannons and REALLY big cannons
like the Mon Megs at Edinburogh which is rereputed to have been made in 1455
for the seige at Thrierve Castle by James II.
    the earlyist recorded mention of any type of hand gun is durring the
reign of Edward III when they were brought into England from Flanders. in
1470.  Of course this is only in Western Europe,  I beleive the Chinese had
gotten to it long before then  I just don't know  Chinese History.
    Does any of that help?

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