[Northkeep] In the hospital

Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Fri May 11 20:02:17 PDT 2001

Thorvald may kill me for posting this to the net, but he'll get over
it.  Thorvald has been in the hosp. for a week today for an infection
that has not responded well to antibiotics (3 high powered ones).  They
told him yesterday they may have to put in a central line to give him
the meds, they tear up the veins in the arm real bad.  They also
mentioned moving him to a long term area in the hospital yesterday.
He is at St. Francis room 9101.  phone 7 A to 9 P at 494-9101.
I'm working noon to midnight Sat. and Sun. so if any of you can give him
a call to cheer him up it would be greatly appreciated.  (He didn't
catch the long term part of the conversation yesterday with the doc, so
please don't mention that to him.  Or he'll get more depressed than he
already is.)

Thanks for you support,

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