[Northkeep] Taking Applications for Heralds Office

Fitzmorgan at cs.com Fitzmorgan at cs.com
Thu May 17 18:06:13 PDT 2001

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       I am resigning from the Herald's office effective the end of July.
Applications are now being accepted for my replacement and will be accepted
until July 15th.  Applications should be sent to the Northern Regional
Herald.  His address is listed in the Black Star.  Copies should also go to
Their Excellencies, The Seneschal and myself.  Please include a copy of your
membership card and drivers license.  If you can scan and attach copies of
the membership and license he will accept an E-mail application.
       If you have any questions about the requirements of the office please
ask.  There is a lot to the office but you will get a lot of help.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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