[Northkeep] Looking for NK Old Guarders....

Vanessa Goins ly_isabela at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 19:01:17 PDT 2001

Greetings, On Behalf of "Mama Gwyn"  Ly. Gwynlyan ferch Glyn and Ld.
Reichardt Steiner. I'm looking for names and addresses of members from
five? to twelve years back.  Gwyn and Reichardt have been out of touch
and wanted to reconnect.  Diarmid and Talana, I already have your info
(I think).  Here are some of the following names that leap to mind.

Livia?  Colin?  Does anyone one have info on Omar?  Jean Roget?
Anyway, you get the idea.  Please contact me and or Mama Gwyn:
( Eureakatrim at prodigy.net ) privately.  You may Email me for their
phone number as I'd rather not post their number on the net.
Please folks, don't procrastinate on this one.  The information is
needed as soon as possible.  Thank you for your help on this.

P.S.  We're coming to Castellan.  Is there anything I can do to help?
Is Potty Patrol covered?

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