[Northkeep] The end and a beginning

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  Well this is a very shitty thing for many to handle. The fact is that
Thorgrim and Sigen have been B&B for a long time and might have been
entertaining thoughts about this themselves. I think that this is not how
they envisioned it ending though. Frankly I think they may be and have been
the greatest Ansteorra has had just about ever. The fact remains that the
Barony must now pull together and move forward. The last think that the
Barony needs is officers stepping down and causing more vaccuum. Lets all
remember we have loyalty to friends but also loyalty to each other and the
"Dream". I do not believe that Thorgrim and Sigen want the promise of the
greatest barony in Ansteorra to fall apart without their presence. Be mad,
be angry, be sad, but be true to the barony also. You have a voice, send the
crown a (politically correct) letter and voice your feelings. Maybe the
crown has a good reason in the big picture, who knows. I am just a tubby
stick-monkey who cares about the group and his friends. I hope you take some
time Sigen and Thorgrim and a few months down the road decide to come back.
I love you both and will miss your company greatly.
Karl Hungus

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>You know, Robert, while I agree with you in theory, it's awfully hard to
>stay loyal to a crown who in no way represents the wishes of his populace.
>While I can think of several people who don't care for our Baron and
>Baroness on a personal level, even they cannot deny that Thorgrim and Sigen
>served their populace and barony well.  As an officer in this barony I am
>gravely troubled by this.  I have to admit that I am entertaining the idea
>of stepping down.  I'm not sure I want to continue to serve without
>and Sigen as B&B.  And I have to echo, what next?  Are we just in limbo
>until the crown makes another arbitrary decision?
>Deeply troubled,
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> > Greetings
> >
> >        This is going to be hard.  Short of having people die this is
> > bad a thing as can happen to a Barony.  People are going to be very
> > know I am.  My first reaction was to say "The Hell with it" and walk
> > I'm sure that a lot of other people feel the same.  Please Don't, we
> > you.  This Barony has given me too much for me to turn away in it's time
> > need.
> >        Ian.  I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now.  The
> > of leading us through this is going to fall largely on your shoulders.
> > know that you can do it.  I hope that you know that you can do it.  You
> > my full support.  I'll help you in any way I can.
> >        We like to say that Northkeep is the Greatest Barony in the Known
> > World.  That's easy to say in the good times.  But it's the bad times
> > show our true character.  Everyone is going to be watching to see how we
> > with this.  It's time to show Ansteorra that we really are as good as we
> > think we are.
> >        This could hardly have happened at a worse time.  We have an
> > run in two weeks.  We have a Crown coming to visit that I expect that
> > the barony is going to be very angry with.  Though we are hurting we
> > guests coming.  Let's pull together and see to it that they have a good
> >
> >        Northkeep is the Greatest Barony in the Known World.  It's time
> > prove it.
> >
> > Robert Fitzmorgan
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