[Northkeep] What can we each do?

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Fri May 18 21:20:03 PDT 2001

Many of us are looking for something to do during this dark time.  If
you can, consider attending the Castellan Planning meeting.  As
Robert has pointed out, the timing of this is horrible (let alone the
action).  On Sunday, there will be a group of event planners and our
officers meeting.  These people have put their hearts and efforts
into our barony and our event.  If you can attend, please offer them
your support and help.  Robert and Xenos will surely have some last
minute items that will need to be taken care of by someone.  Our
officers are disheartened and they need our support as they will have
to guide our barony during this time.

If you can attend, let your presence and willingness to help speak
for the honor of this barony and the respect we have for Thorgrim and
Sigen.  Help our officers and autocrats who have been helping us.


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