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Emily Minier eminier at dollar.com
Tue May 22 05:35:56 PDT 2001

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As we all know Castellan is right around the corner (T minus 10days and
counting).  There were several prizes donated at last weeks Officers
meeting.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is helping
to make this event a wonderful time for us all.

Prizes donated to the Children's Castellan include:
One Archery Set - TE Thorgrim & Sigin
One Treasure Book - TE Thorgrim & Sigin
One Giant Book of Mazes - Lady Anawyn
One Star Wars NR Heir to the Republic Book - Lady Anawyn
One Archeology Kit - Lady Anawyn
One Beading Loom Kit - Lady Anawyn
One Castle Kit - Lady Anawyn
One Treasure Chest Kit/Birdhouse Kit - Anna
Two Woven Belts - Lady Aelfwyn Webstre
Two Gargoyle Figures - Adalia Nyx VonDerBerg
Four Fuzzy Posters to Color - Elizabetta & Bjorlic

Please excuse all spelling errors and any misused titles.

Thank you again for your donations. If there is anyone else wishing to
donate to the Children's Prizes, please let me know.

In Continuing Service to The Dream
~Adalia Nyx VonDerBerg~

Emily Minier
Technical Coordinator
Dollar Rent A Car Systems, Inc
(918) 669-3040

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