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Emily Minier eminier at dollar.com
Thu May 24 13:18:25 PDT 2001

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I've been playing for several years. (Guardian will be 11).  I thought I'd
share the moments that have been engraven on my heart from this wonderful

My first Wolfstar.  Duchess Michaela had a cherry stem tying contest.  I
remember the smile on her face when she withdrew her cherry stem first
showing the neatly tied knot and I remember the shock on her face when just
a few seconds later I withdrew mine.  I (by luck) had drawn a longer stem
and was able to tie two knots.

My second Wolfstar.  Duchess Michaela wouldn't let me participate in the

My first war.  It was War of the Staked Plains.  It was also my 21st
birthday.  We had a blast.  It was also my first out of Kingdom event.

Beltane, 6 years ago.  I met this wonderful man.  He had the words to a song
that I wanted.  Being new to the Bardic arts at that time, I had no other
ideas where to find songs.  I asked him Saturday night if I could get the
words from him.  I got his phone number and called him the Wednesday
following.  A year and half later, we were married.

WinterKingdom this past.  I was deputized to assist the Minister of
Children.  Of course, Castellan coming up will be my first chance to step up
and pull some weight as Deputy MoC...and I'm planning some GREAT fun for the
heirs of Ansteorra.

I have several other wonderful memories of events and friends and people who
have touched my life.  Many are too personal to mention here.  But I'd like
to thank you all for allowing me this little tiptoe down memory lane.  And
when I go home and begin to pack for Castellan, I know that the memories
will come flooding back with each piece of garb I touch.  Again, I thank you
for this break in the mundane.

In Continuing Service to the Dream,
~Adalia Nyx VonDerBerg~

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