[Northkeep] Lucan's shop

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 08:04:50 PDT 2001

Hello Everyone!

Something very bad has happened-- Lucan's shop was
broken into.  All of his power tools were stolen, many
of them less than a month old.  Several of the items
were *WEDDING* presents, others were purchased by
scrimping and saving for months.  The items include
(that we know for sure are gone, he may realize
something else later) A compound miter saw, 3.5hp
circular saw, drill, belt sander, and an orbital

Lucan was very much looking forward to letting members
of the barony out to work, but unfortunately this
won't be possible for a while.

p.s. this really sucks because he was almost, but not
quite done with his Castellan A&S!

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