[Northkeep] Some lucky people...

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Tue May 29 17:33:43 PDT 2001

To all on the list, greetings!

I hope that Robert won't mind me jumping in with this, but I just got
the April Laurel Queen of Arms letter and there were some items of
interest to Northkeep.  I have left out many Ansteorran submissions
but have tried to include those of Northkeep or those known to us
(that I know about).

Anyway...  Congratulations to:

Cinoajin Uriangqadai (put a funny curved accent over the "C") known
for years among us as "Orion".  His device passed as well and for
those who can read blazon it is:  Per bend sinister sable and argent,
two mullets counterchanged argent and azure.

Cunovinda ingen Choinnich (know to most of us as Tamberlin).

Marcus the Quiet (aka Marcus Quietly).

Reynald of Northkeep ('nuff said).

Rowan Quirke (known to most of us as Rowan ni Coerc).  I'm still
amazed but we got the spelling of the first name that she wanted.
Rowan said that if the byname had to be Anglicized that she preferred
Quirke and the College of Arms decided it did have to be Anglicized.
Got a Rowan though!

Siobhan inghean ui Dhomnaill (put an accent over the "a" in "Siobhan"
and the "i" in "ui").  Siobhan also had her device pass and again in
blazon:  Per chevron argent and vert, three trefoils one and two vert.

Tamara de Montoya (who changed her legal first name to get what she
wanted) and who also had a device:  Gules, a snow leopard sejant
guardant argent spotted sable and on a chief argent three lozenges

There were no Northkeep returns or pends from Laurel in this batch.
I have recently gotten the scoop (which is good timing now that I
have time again) on some Northkeep returns from kingdom (ones on
which I was listed as the consulting herald) and will be contacting
the affected to try and get these resolved and moving.

See you all at populace tomorrow (May 30) night at the library behind
(north of) Woodland Hills mall.


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