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Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Thu May 10 16:32:53 PDT 2001

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I believe I am signed up for Setup, fire watch, and teardown. I will be
there early to mid-morning Friday. So as long as I am free for the Archery
Competition and not signed up for more than one place at the same time
(gotta get that mini-me project going) sign me up for whatever you need (no
making up stuff like "the Heralds gopher" or stuff like that).

Diethelm Waltorfer
Derek Wilson

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We still need help for Castellan.  Populace meeting is 2 days before the
event and we will have the sign-up sheets there, but I would feel better if
we had things nailed down before then.

We have the following time slots still open for Troll:

       4 - 6 PM
       2 - 4 AM
       Noon - 2 PM

We definitely need more feast servers.  With the Children cooking the feast
they will not be serving, so we will need more adults than usual to help
serve.  We currently have 3 people signed up.

We need more people to help set up for feast and clean up after feast.

We need people to help with the Heraldry and I'm sill looking for someone to
organize the Heraldry at the event.

We need more people to help with Firewatch.

We still need 2 or 3 Step-Down prizes,  One may be covered but I'm not sure.

       I know that the good people of Northkeep will pitch in as usual and
make Castellan a success, but I would be happier if I knew in advance who
those people were and what they were going to do.  If you can help out in
of these areas please send me an e-mail.
       The Crown is going to be at Castellan and will be holding a Peerage
Circle, so we may well have people attending who have never visited
before.  Le't's show them what they have been missing.

Robert Fitzmorgan
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