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Sun May 13 14:41:29 PDT 2001

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> I never saw my post so I dont know if it went out so
> here I go again.  Fitzmorgan... I have a 9 year old I
> volunteer for serving at the event as well as my
> services where you need them (But ya gotta tell me
> where and when). I am from the Canton of Rundel Under
> the Protection of Northkeep and as I have said lol
> Unless the gods take a serious dislike to me we will
> be there.

Thank you very much.  Because the children of Northkeep are preparing the
feast it has been decided that we will not have any children serving the
feast, even those who are not helping prepare the feast.  That's what they
wanted and my momma raised me to never argue with the cook.  Though we would
very much welcome your help.  Feast will be at about 6:00 Saturday.  Thanks


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