[Northkeep] Me see you have boom-boom stick...Bye-Bye

Frederick Addington big_daddy_baulsac at yahoo.com
Mon May 14 06:39:25 PDT 2001

well i just read this today, it was due friday but i
already did it and she said i would probably get a
good A. i would like to thank the SCA and everyone in
it as well as Diablo 2 for my knowledge of weapons and

Baulsac the impaler

what changed about the armour?

--- LucanSilverwolf at aol.com wrote:
> Baulsac,
>     In the 1400 it really isn't some much the
> weapons that changed as it was
> the armor ( at least to my own understanding).
> However gunpowder ws
> introduced but more for bombards, mortars, cannons
> and REALLY big cannons
> like the Mon Megs at Edinburogh which is rereputed
> to have been made in 1455
> for the seige at Thrierve Castle by James II.
>     the earlyist recorded mention of any type of
> hand gun is durring the
> reign of Edward III when they were brought into
> England from Flanders. in
> 1470.  Of course this is only in Western Europe,  I
> beleive the Chinese had
> gotten to it long before then  I just don't know
> Chinese History.
>     Does any of that help?
>         Lucan
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