[Northkeep] Me see you have boom-boom stick...Bye-Bye

LucanSilverwolf at aol.com LucanSilverwolf at aol.com
Mon May 14 16:14:09 PDT 2001

Frankly, I think you all have it easy,
    My WHOLE house looks like DaVinci's workshop blew up and fell into Jim
Henson's creature factory and that knocked down the hill into a Ripley's
Believe it or not  Museum.  IF you think I am makin that up just ask anyone
who has ever been here and lived to tell the tell, Right Zahava?  Try sortin'
books, weapons, furniture peices, cd's, puppet parts ( how do you catagorize
eyeballs?), fabric, and enough paper sketchs and art supplies to make the
fire marshall not step within a mile radius of your home?
    -Lucan the Creative Onsluaght ( that's how my wife affectionately terms
    ( compulsus packus ratus)

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