[Northkeep] Mulberry Dye

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 12:29:44 PDT 2001

Yep, and if any get in your washing machine by
"accident" it really is a mess.
(who really really needs to have an abor, aborocul, a
TREE EXPERT come out an look at the property before
she rents/buys any porperty again!)
--- paddy at webzone.net wrote:
> True!  But berry dyes tend to be "fugitive", not
> colorfast.  So, pretty, but
> not practical.  Unless you want to follow the
> practice of redyeing for each
> important holiday and just letting it fade in
> between.  And of course, being
> very careful to not wash these items with anything
> white.
> -Toinette
> >sounds like a period dye to me!
> >
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