[Northkeep] Farewell

Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 20:52:44 PDT 2001

Your Excellencies,

Though I never made it to many meeting or events, I
was always in awe of your leadership.  I feel you have
far from failed anyone.  Infact, you represented the
ideal I had when I first became intrested in the
society.  I believe the crown has made a gregious
error.  However, it seems to be part of a trend within
the society of late, as I understand it.

I ask that you do take a close look before you give up
the game entirely.  I believe, somewhere beneathe all
the politics and machination, is the same dream that
has been drawing people to the society for over thirty
years.  Someone once told me not to love the love of
any game for the players involved.  Go back to the
root and make the SCA yours again if you can, and if
you can't, cherish the good memories.  Find something
new to love.

Thank You for your service, and know there are those
who thinking nothing if not kindly of you.

In Service to the dream, not the politics,
Aline Swynbrook

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