[Northkeep] What Now?

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To Bad the SCA has been around SO LONG that the GAME and the PLAY are so
much like the Mundane Life that the Play can't be rewritten to have a
peasant uprising complete with melee's of knights and lords against the
peasants with Pitchforks (Rattan and duct tape of course) not at this event
but a smaller one in the near future. And the King have enough humour that
if he lost, to run away like monty python. A little humor might go a long
ways into remembering this is just a GAME for enjoyment and that to take it
TOO seriously makes in no longer fun.

Derek Wilson

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Robert writes:

> This could hardly have happened at a worse time.  We have an event to
> run in two weeks.  We have a Crown coming to visit that I expect that most
> of the barony is going to be very angry with.  Though we are hurting we
> guests coming.  Let's pull together and see to it that they have a good

This, and everything else Robert said, is plain truth.  And I'm gonna take
to what't probably gonna be an unpleasant level for some:  It's ESPECIALLY
true where the Crown is concerned.  Snubbing them, or even expressing our
anger to them publicly at an event WE'RE hosting will affect the Crown not
the least, but it WILL affect our reputation in the rest of the kingdom.  I
admit to a great deal of anger over this situation, but the Crown will see a
smile on my lips, if not my eyes, and me playing my role to the hilt.
As hosts, we have a responsibility to everyone that comes to give them their
money's worth.  We are the production crew, extras, and minor players in an
improvisionational theater, and the visiting Royals (and the participants in
the competitions, especially the winners) will be the stars.  But our first
responsibility will be to the audience (which is everyone there, INCLUDING
the stars) and our second is to the reputation of the event and our Barony.
We MUST treat the Crown as Royalty, because while they're on stage that's
what they ARE, and the Play's the thing.
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