[Northkeep] Honorable behavior is always in fashion

Lynn the Inquisitive lra at olpdsl.net
Fri May 18 20:05:22 PDT 2001

Bravo, Kevin. Well said.

I, too, am quite displeased with the recent turn of events. However, I agree
with Kevin --it is our honor and responsibility to be gracious to our
guests. Honor and chivalry are the basic tenants of our philosophy in this

But, we as a barony, elect who we wish to represent us as our baron and
baroness. So, my question is... what is too keep us from re-electing
Thorgrim and Sigen as baron and baroness?

It would certainly send a polite and honorable message as to how we feel.
Just food for thought.

Lynn the Inquisitive
(and her little dogs, too)

> This, and everything else Robert said, is plain truth.  And I'm gonna take
> to what't probably gonna be an unpleasant level for some:  It's ESPECIALLY
> true where the Crown is concerned.  Snubbing them, or even expressing our
> anger to them publicly at an event WE'RE hosting will affect the Crown not
> the least, but it WILL affect our reputation in the rest of the kingdom.
> admit to a great deal of anger over this situation, but the Crown will see
> smile on my lips, if not my eyes, and me playing my role to the hilt.
> As hosts, we have a responsibility to everyone that comes to give them
> money's worth.  We are the production crew, extras, and minor players in
> improvisionational theater, and the visiting Royals (and the participants
> the competitions, especially the winners) will be the stars.  But our
> responsibility will be to the audience (which is everyone there, INCLUDING
> the stars) and our second is to the reputation of the event and our
> We MUST treat the Crown as Royalty, because while they're on stage that's
> what they ARE, and the Play's the thing.
> Kevin
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