[Northkeep] Farewell

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Fri May 18 22:22:26 PDT 2001

I have not come to terms with this news. There is a lot to be said, but I
have been struggling to find the words to express the way I am feeling.
A Barony is more than the Baron and Baroness, but it is shaped by them, and
we could not be the envy of the North without the guidance and spirit you
have provided. Thorgrim and Sigen, you have together, been the very morning
star of chivalrous conduct. And you must believe, that for every barbed word
spoken, that has sought to wound you, another was spoken in praise and
support, by those who know and honor you.
I am angry. I will not let that interfere with what needs to be done, but I
can't pretend to feel otherwise. Yet, as Robert Fitzmorgan has said, the bad
times we go through together, will show our true character.
My hope is for all of us, Northkeep, our beloved Canton of Runedel, and all
our neighboring friends, to feel that surge of emotion that comes from
standing shoulder to shoulder, in cooperation, against the real enemy, which
is defeat. Let those around us look at the North! We have not stopped being
who we are, and who we are, is a very great thing. So great, that we all have
devoted many hours of the precious little liesure time we have, to pursue,
and foster the Dream we cherish. Hold  Fast, dear friends.
Thorgrim and Sigen please -  take a pause, if you wish, to refresh
yourselves. But don't, I beg you, give up altogether. We want you, and need
you, as you are part of all of us.
In Service, Now, and After,

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