[Northkeep] NR List is now moderated

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Sun May 20 08:44:32 PDT 2001

yes robert, the truth is often inflammatory and harmful, and the truth
should always be allowed despite guidelines...


^ ^       If you are not on the Northern List, someone posted something very
^ ^inflammatory and harmful to the list.  Something that is almost certainly
^ ^going to cause damage.  The decision was made to moderate the
^ ^list for now to
^ ^try and prevent further damage.  The ideal is indeed being twisted but by
^ ^those who would use these lists to hurt others.  I think that it
^ ^is right and
^ ^proper that those who have the power to do so try and prevent
^ ^these forums
^ ^from being misused.
^ ^       As one who administers two lists on the kingdom server I
^ ^can tell you
^ ^that there are guidelines set for what is and is not approbate for those
^ ^lists.  When those guidelines are not being observed it is the
^ ^responsibility
^ ^of the list administrator to act.  The kingdom owns these lists
^ ^and provides
^ ^them as a service to the populace.  They have every right, and
^ ^in my opinion
^ ^a responsibility, to set standards for their use.  They have shown no
^ ^tendency to abuse this power.   If this had happened on one of my lists I
^ ^would have taken action.
^ ^
^ ^Robert Fitzmorgan

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