[Northkeep] Re: Thorgrim and Sigen Issue

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Mon May 21 07:59:01 PDT 2001

my membership as the premier member of the order of the cornerstone is for
my service to my barony.

my words which you and many feel dishonored myself, were also spoken with
the intent to serve my barony.

if you feel speaking the truth, under fire, is dishonorable, then you are a


^ ^Ian and Kelandra,
^ ^Hi, sorry I couldn't be there today.  I have a few things to ask:
^ ^
^ ^1.  Is everything as regarding the event covered?
^ ^
^ ^2.  I'm tired of the rumors and conjecture.  What happened?  Can you
^ ^tell me why they were removed?  Or do I need to ask them?  I can Email
^ ^them if that's what's required but, as much as they've been through I'd
^ ^hate to bother them further.
^ ^
^ ^3.  Regardless whether they were removed for good or ill, would it be
^ ^appropriate for Baronial members to wear say a black armband as a show
^ ^of grieving or would that be too offensive his majesty?
^ ^
^ ^4.  Yes, I realize the following is none of my business, but, Seeing as
^ ^(is it one or both of you that holds a cornerstone? . . . I forget.)
^ ^Merrik has dishonored himself in this fashion would it be possible for
^ ^the holders of the cornerstone to officially oust him from their ranks?
^ ^ I don't want his membership to sully you!
^ ^
^ ^5.  Lastly, tell me what you need from us.  We're here for you mates.
^ ^
^ ^-Belle

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