[Northkeep] Why Michael? ad terminus!

Kevinkeary at aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Mon May 21 23:46:12 PDT 2001

Michael said:

> at least we don't yell...
>  i am just going to guess you are asking me where i was, i was at work, do
>  you need a lighter with that?
>  M
>  ps. I don't know who the virtual scribe or acting virtual scribe of
>  Northkeep is but i bet they don't want you using the f word on the
>  list.

Yeah, you're right, I was yelling.  Before you can teach the mule, you have
to get his attention.  Doesn't make what I said invalid.  Now, more than
ever, we have to make an appearance of mutual respect and support: no
denegration of each other motives, or their courage, or their worthiness of
whatever awards they hold, or any of the other things I've seen here.  We
MUST stand together.
I don't know what reasons people had for not being there, except for Ciana's,
and now yours.  And mundane work is ALWAYS valid.  Didn't mean to imply
otherwise.  I assume you have or will speak with the autocrat and/or
seneschal OUTSIDE the meeting to discuss what you can do to help.
And as for the f-word, yeah, I was 100% wrong.  I let my temper get the best
of me.  But YOU know how often I use that word, or any others like it, in
public OR private.  I thought, foolishly, that kind of out-of-character
behaviour would underscore my emphasis.  But I apologize to you, whoever is
currently running this list, and all who read it.  Boorish behavior is no way
to stop boorish behavior.

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