[Northkeep] hey

Cody Chezem harbarth at swbell.net
Tue May 22 05:09:22 PDT 2001

I went thru navy boot some 24 yrs back and if he does do that I sure wish I
could be there to see that. It might make a good Darwin award nomination or at
least a honorable mention. No matter what shape the person is in boot will test
your limit.


"Addington, Debbie, A" wrote:

> he was watching that series "Boot Camp".  He said when they start hollerin'
> at him, he is afraid he might laugh.  I said how so, he said I will just
> have to tell the C.O that my mom can scream better than that.  I advised him
> it would go along way not to compare his C.O to his mother and vise versa.
> LOL  ; )
> Maidenhair

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