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Rick Drake rick_drake at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 10:08:53 PDT 2001

Dang what did you all do to the Baulsac last night?  Here are wishes that
his recovery is swift.

>Greetings to all the fighters and populace that were at fighter last night.
>Baulsac/Little Freddie is fairing well.  He has ready acces to lortab extra
>the doc's had to re-set his shoulder 3 times before it took and gave him
>enough anesthesia to put down a horse.  He never screamed, or anything.  I
>conditioned him well.  ; )
>today he is still sleeping and not hurting.....yet.  there is no bruising
>the site of injury and we believe he will heal up nicely.  He has an
>appointment in the morning with his regular physician and a possible
>appointment with a Orthepedic specialist.
>The only time he has cried, was when he realized that he would NOT be able
>to fight at Castellan next week and if this would effect him shipping out
>the 30 of July.  Otherwise.....all in all he appears to be doing remarkably
>well.  :)
>thanks to everyone for gathering up equipment and getting it all into the
>trunk.  I don't think we left anything behind, but we aren't really worried
>On a lighter note.  Imagine trying to explain to hospital security that the
>sword was of wood and this is a game not a gang injury, over and over and
>over.  lol
>in service,
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